3 damage to your car when you stop using it for a while

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Just as it is not advisable to spend 24 hours a day driving, leaving your car unused for a certain time does not bring the best consequences. As with many other things, the disuse of your vehicle ends up bringing problems that will become apparent the next time you want to get behind the wheel. However, before accepting, you should evaluate your profile and see if any of these benefits suit you, since if you had enough money for the initial fee, the 100% financing option will not be exactly what you need. On the other hand, you could find an alternative that offers you an even lower interest rate, which would benefit more.

If you have no idea what the damage may be to you, take note and think carefully before you stop using your car for a long time:


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If they are in the same position for a long time, in this case, leaning against the ground, they may end up deforming. This occurs due to air losses. To avoid this, the ideal is to place elements that serve as support and keep it in the air.

 Lack of lubrication and damage to parts: Many of the parts of the car need to be constantly lubricated, because if not, they dry and can crack, which ends in an oil leak.


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When it does not turn for a long time, the oil is located only in one part, causing the other areas of the engine to dry and even oxidize.

This will not happen because you stop using your car for a couple of days, but if we talk about months, you may notice that these failures begin to occur. Something that could also be overlooked is the expiration date of your insurance, do not forget that both the DTRE and vehicle insurance are renewed annually.